Drop the balm on me

I made this balm for me. My beard is wild, coarse and untamed with a mind of its own. Like most of you, I tried beard oil. It didn’t give me any control, and I didn’t like the oily look. Next I tried a commercial balm. I liked the control it gave me and the matte finish, but it came in a tiny tin I could hardly get my fingers into and was gone in days. 

So I set out to make my own. After much research, several trial-and-error batches, and field tests, I’ve hit upon my perfect balm.

Live Outside The Tin

What I have created here is a man-size bar of balm that comes out of the tin so I can rub it between my paws and right onto my beard. Then I like to work it through with a sandalwood beard comb. I use natural essential oils to give it a clean/woodsy/manly scent. I use all the best natural oils and butters for beards and skin. It comes in a handy re-usable tin to keep it fresh and portable. My beard is conditioned, and it behaves. My skin feels great, and I smell clean – whether I am or not. I passed out samples to my bearded mates. Other friends grew beards just so they could use it. They loved it, and so did their lady-friends. Everyone wanted more. So now, I whip up small batches whenever I can, here in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky, for me and a lucky few. Each batch is numbered and goes fast. Get it when you can. I sell it here and in a few cool joints around town.

If you’re a handsome bastard with a wily beard, this may be just the balm for you. 

You’re welcome.